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Introducing Monopost®

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  • Monopost contains latanoprost 50 µg/ml in a preservative-free, single-dose eye drop formulation1
  • Latanoprost is a selective prostanoid FP receptor agonist which reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) by increasing the outflow of aqueous humour1

Monopost is indicated for the reduction of elevated IOP in patients with open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It reduces the risk of ocular surface problems that have been reported to be caused by long-term use of preservative-containing eye drops.2,3

Monopost has been shown to provide non-inferior IOP control compared to Xalatan, with statistically significantly lower hyperaemia and symptoms on instillation.2

Studies where patients have been switched from preserved latanoprost to Monopost have demonstrated reductions in the frequency and severity of hyperaemia and other symptoms.3

image of a box of Monopost eye drops, the foil wrapped blister pack inside and two individual unit doses in front

Key Features

  • Long-lasting reduction in IOP
  • Preservative-free formulation
  • One single-dose container holds enough solution for both eyes
  • Significantly lower hyperaemia and other symptoms on instillation than Xalatan with non-inferior efficacy2,3

How to use

Recommended dosage for adults (including the elderly): one drop in the affected eye(s) once daily. Optimal effect is obtained if Monopost is administered in the evening.

A single-dose contains enough eye drops solution to treat both eyes.

Store below 25°C.

After first opening of the sachet, use the single-dose containers within 7 days.

After first opening of the single-dose container, use immediately and discard after use.

Pack contents

One box contains either 6 or 18 sachets. Each sachet holds 5 single-dose containers (0.2ml per dose), giving 30 or 90 doses per box.


Prescription only medicine.

NHS Price: £8.49 for a pack of 30 single-unit dose containers

PIP code: 377-8396

NHS Price: £25.47 for a pack of 90 single-unit dose containers

PIP code: 386-9880


Page last updated: 28th June 2019

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