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Preservatives were a popular addition to ophthalmic products in the 1950s, as they helped prevent bacterial contamination. Decades later, reports came to light of their damaging effect on the cornea, the conjunctiva and the tear film.

Single dose units appeared to be the answer to avoiding irritation and inflammation. But the expense and environmental impact made them less than ideal.  

In the nineties, Thea invented the first multi-dose bottle capable of dispensing preservative-free eye drops (ABAK®  which is featured in the Hyabak®, Thealoz® and Thealoz Duo® products). This became the catalyst for a whole string of innovative packaging ideas, the latest of whch is Steri-Free® Technology which allows the delivery of preservative-free gels (Blephagel).

Now patients can enjoy a wide range of 100% preservative-free products from a world-leading manufacturer, caring for eyes while protecting vision. 

What are preservatives?

Preservatives, or antimicrobial agents, are used to prevent and reduce bacterial contamination after a product has been opened. They come in a variety of different formulations, but benzalkonium chloride (often referred to as BAK) is most commonly used in ophthalmology.

Why are preservatives bad for eyes?

Studies show preservatives in eye care products can be harmful to the surface of the eye and, especially when used over a long period of time, can damage the tear film, superficial structures and deeper parts of the eye. Symptoms range from mild discomfort to severe dry eye syndrome.

Thea’s preservative-free innovations

Thea is the pioneer and world-leading manufacturer of a range of preservative-free eye care packaging solutions: 

The ABAK® system

Capable of administering 300 drops through an antimicrobial filter which prevents bacterial contamination, Thea’s groundbreaking ABAK® dispenser was the first multi-dose bottle to last for up to 3 months and represents a major advancement in environmentally-friendly packaging. Since it was first introduced the ABAK system has gone through a number of evolutions. At each step it has been made smaller, simpler and easier to use.

The Steri-Free Technology® tube

This innovative tube means that eye gels can be dispensed without preservatives or irritants, making sure your eyes are only exposed to the essential ingredients. It further confirms Thea’s commitment to finding intelligent solutions that promote good eye health while protecting vision. 

Easigrip® bottles

Some molecules aren’t compatible with the ABAK® system. To solve this, Thea invented Easigrip® bottles. Ergonomically designed to be easy to hold, they make administering preservative-free eye drops simple for everyone. 

Single-dose units

Even though single-dose packaging is more expensive and harder to handle, it remains the preferred choice for short-term use.