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About Us

Established in the UK in 2008 we have grown rapidly due to a combination of new product launches (14 in the last 5 years) and product acquisitions (such as the Otrivine AntistinVoltarol Ophtha and Zaditen brands).

Initially focused on the areas of Dry Eye, Lid Hygiene and Eye Nutrition we have since expanded to offer 34 Products in eight Therapy Areas:

  • Allergy

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Dry Eye

  • Glaucoma

  • Infection

  • Lid Hygiene

  • Nutrition

  • Surgery

A key focus for our business is the provision of preservative-free eye drops because of the well-known issues caused by preservatives such as BAK that are found in many ophthalmic products.

At the same time as our product portfolio has increased, we have also been investing in growing our company infrastructure. Our team has grown from 5 staff in 2011 to over 50 in 2016, with teams working in three main Business Units – Consumer, Medical and Surgical. In 2014 we moved to our offices based at Keele Science and Innovation Park in the grounds of Keele University.

Thea Pharmaceuticals has three strategic pillars which are reflected in our company ethos – “Driving Innovation, Education and Professionalism in improving Eye Health”.

We invest heavily in Education and this is demonstrated by our award winning ‘Dry Eye Project’ and the Thea Eye Health Conference which has replaced it. Other significant educational investments include the prestigious Moorfields International Glaucoma Symposium and Thea Birmingham Corneal Meeting which was launched in 2015. 

Thea Pharmaceuticals are committed to supporting Ophthalmic professionals and to making a difference in the Eye Health of the people that use our products.