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Gritty, sore, tired eyes?

If you’ve ever experienced gritty, watery, irritated eyes, you’re probably one of the millions of people suffering from Dry Eye.

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This common condition affects 1 in 5 people. and happens when the tears you produce are deficient in quality or quantity, or if they simply evaporate too quickly.

The good news is, Dry Eye is easily managed with good-quality eye drops, such as Thealoz Duo.

Made by the experts in preservative-free eye care

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Many eye drops for Dry Eye relief contain preservatives to reduce bacterial contamination after a product has been opened. However, regular exposure to preservatives may damage the delicate cells on the surface of the eye or cause inflammation.
Thealoz Duo is one of a range of 100% preservative-free Dry Eye drops from Thea Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer of ophthalmic products. Which means using our products can help you achieve optimum eye health, without the risk of irritation.
Despite being preservative-free, our eye drops still have an excellent shelf life thanks to the unique ABAK bottle system. This keeps the contents of the bottle sterile for 3 months, and the soft-shell design makes it easy to aim and squeeze.

Get long-lasting relief with Thealoz Duo

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Thealoz Duo contains a special combination of ingredients to protect, hydrate and lubricate your eyes. Proven to provide long-lasting relief1. Thealoz Duo remains sterile for up to 3 months, thanks to its unique, innovative bottle design, and is 100% preservative-free to avoid any further irritation.

  • Ideal for ALL Dry Eyes
  • Proven to last a long time on the eye1
  • Use within 3 months of opening
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

1.Schmidl, D., et al. Cornea (2015); 34(4): 421-6