Solution for intracameral injection, indicated for cataract surgery to obtain mydriasis and intraocular anaesthesia during the surgical procedure.

Mydrane Pack

Mydrane is a combined solution for intracameral injection of 2 mydriatics which include phenylephrine (0.31%), tropicamide (0.02%) and lidocaine (1%).

Pupil dilation is not required prior to surgery however, Mydrane should only be used in patients who have demonstrated, at pre-operative assessment, a satisfactory pupil dilation with a topical mydriatic therapy.

  • 95% of pupil dilation obtained within 30 seconds1,2
  • Significantly more stable mydriasis
    • <1mm variation in pupil diameter in 89% of patients dilated with Mydrane2
  • Superior patient comfort during surgery2
    • Statistically significant improvement in comfort before IOL injection with Mydrane (p=0.034)2

1Labetoulle, M. et al Br J Ophthalmology. Published Online First [03 Nov 2015] doi:10.1136/bjophthalmology-2015-307587

2Mydrane SPC

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