Sodium hyaluronate has several features which make it ideal for Dry Eye sufferers:

  • It has many hydrophilic regions which bind water and so offers optimal water retention because it retains water and releases it progressively
  • It has viscoelastic and pseudoplastic properties meaning that its viscosity increases with eyelid opening and decreases with eyelid closing – similar to the normal tear film
  • It exhibits mucoadhesivity increasing the duration of contact with the ocular surface

Sodium hyaluronate is also naturally present in the body tissues meaning that it is highly tolerated.

Hyabak is phosphate-free, isotonic and pH neutral and provides all of the strengths of sodium hyaluronate in a preservative free, multidose format. The patented ABAK® bottle features a 0.2 µm filter that prevents bacteria from passing into the bottle. The bottle itself contains 300 drops and can be used for up to 8 weeks from opening.

The absence of a preservative means that Hyabak is suitable for use by contact lens wearers and removes the risk of preservative-related adverse effects.

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