What are the symptoms of eyelid infection?

Blepharitis is a term describing inflammation of the eyelids and is very common. It is often a chronic condition a bit like having dandruff, which is difficult to cure but can easily be managed with care.

It can have many causes, and is classified according to the location of the inflammation. Anterior blepharitis is inflammation of the part of the eyelid nearest to the lashes and outer edge of the lid margin, and the most common type of posterior blepharitis (in the part of the eyelid closest to the eye) is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD.

What are the symptoms of blepharitis?

The most common cause of dry eyes is blepharitis so many symptoms are similar. 

They can include:

• Eyes can look red-rimmed and sore, like you have been crying
• Swollen eyelids
• Lashes may be missing or misdirected
• Crusty debris around base of the lashes in anterior blepharitis 
• Irritation
• Itchy sensation
• Dry eyes

How do you manage blepharitis?

A regular regime of eyelid care and eyelid hygiene is essential. Your optometrist or doctor may also recommend the addition of regular eyelid warming if you have MGD.

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